April 15, 2017 - Labyrinth Club - Hasselt / Belgium


VENUE: Labyrinth Club  
ADDRESS: Gouverneur Verwilghensingel 70 Hasselt  

▦ LUCIANO (CL, Cadenza)
▦ SIS (DE, Cocolino)
▦ MAXIM LANY (BE, Lany Recs)
▦ TOFKE (BE, Labyrinth)

In the beginning, DJs were faceless human jukeboxes that played at the whim of their audience. When dance culture boomed DJs became superstars, and fame and ego replaced love of the music. LUCIANO represents a third way: he is both a single-minded artist completely devoted to music, and a performer whose charisma is an intrinsic part of his global appeal. Luciano fuses art and fame like no other DJ. As a result the humble, Swiss-Chilean DJ, producer and boss of Cadenza Records is one of the biggest stars of the global electronic music scene. Born in Switzerland and raised in Santiago, Luciano fell under the spell of Detroit heroes like Juan Atkins and Model 500. Determined to share his passion for techno, he spun records in clubs where disgruntled rock fans stubbed out cigarettes on his vinyl. www.facebook.com/lucianocadenza

There is a wild unbridled energy to Burak Sar aka SIS. At any moment, he will change character; each one of his faces is as emotionally believable as the next. The mischievous schoolboy, the brooding artist, the entertaining clown, the lovable rogue; with hints of criminality, insanity, and tortured genius all in one, a rollercoaster of personalities he is, theatrical and yet, as real and deep as the ink that covers his arms and chest. ‘Trompeta’ was arguably the hit track of summer 2008, and its rise to dominance resulted in an avalanche of recognition. That year Germany’s Groove Magazine named SIS ‘Producer of the Year’, and awarded him ‘Track of the Year’ for ‘Nesrib’ (incidentally, ‘Trompeta’ came 2nd). That year, Raveline Mag also named SIS their ‘Newcomer of the Year’. www.facebook.com/sisofficial

MAXIM LANY is one of the great Belgian DJ’s, but has long since moved past the Belgian borders. Staying true to his roots, Maxim is still living and working in his beloved city of Ghent, where he made his first DJ sets with the records owned by mum and dad. Lany is famed for his tightly mixed adventurous sets, in which fat bangers and odd-ones out get an equal share. It’s his very own universally acclaimed sound, which not only made him a household name, but also led to starting his own label and having the creative freedom to do what he wants. That is the key here, because Maxim is at his best when he is completely unleashed.www.soundcloud.com/maximlany

Our resident dj TOFKE started djing 27 years ago at underground parties back in 1989 when he was only 15 years old. He was Belgium’s youngest dj in the very first after club in Belgium called The Globe. Soon he played all over Europe in clubs like Warehouse Cologne, E-Werk Berlin, La Luna in Marseille, Rex in Paris and raves likes Mayday and Love Parade in Berlin with dj’s like Carl Cox, Laurent Garnier, Jack de Marseille and Richie Hawtin to name a few. www.soundcloud.com/deejaytofke


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